Non Smudge Mascara Cone Shape Brush

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Non Smudge Mascara Cone Shape Brush

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  • Dead Sea
  • Not Tested Animals
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All Skin Types

A long-wearing, smudge-free mascara that volumizes and separates lashes.
Extremely easy to remove with just warm water.

0.28 OZ./ 8 g

How to use

Glide brush,volumizeand separate from root to tip with a gentle zigzag motion to catch even the smallest lashes.
Repeat as desired for a bolder luscious look. Remove with warm water.


  • Coating technology formula – loosens with warm water and allows the formula to slide off easily.
  • Long wear mascara that won’t smudge, smear or clump. NO PANDA LOOK!
  • The dual-purpose brush has a precision tip that evens lashes, and a rounded base to easily achieve maximum fullness.

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The magic wand for makeup, a good mascara can make all the difference in the way your eyes and overall makeup look. Whether you want to add length, volume, or both, make sure to choose a smudge-free mascara to ensure a perfect, fresh look you can rely on.

Another feature you want in your mascara is staying power. A long-wearing mascara will simplify your daily life as well as night outs by not requiring stops in the bathroom and re-application. It’ll stay on as long as you need it.

The shape of the mascara brush is just as important as the formula. A cone shaped brush mascara will mimic the shape of your lash line, spreading your lashes from corner to corner, capturing each one for impact. A cone shaped brush will ensure the formula is delivered to each lash from the root to the tip.

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