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3 Irreplaceable Tips To Achieve Glowing Skin This Summer

As spring turns into summer, your normal-to-dry skin can start to feel extra dry, dehydrated, and flaky. And if you have Soo Boo Ji or oily skin, you may find that your skin feels even oilier, shinier, and more congested than before while feeling parched at the same time.

All skin types suffer from rising temperatures outside and air conditioning inside. Add to the mix all those hours we spend on the beach or at chlorine-infused pools, and you can understand why it becomes harder for the skin to maintain balance – let alone glow.

Come summer, it’s just harder to achieve a natural glow without looking dramatic, unnatural, or even greasy. Here we put together 3 irreplaceable tips for you to achieve a natural summer glow – regardless of your skin type.

Glowing Skin This Summer

Layer and moisturize

Rich, heavy moisturizers are like hot coffee – better enjoyed in the winter. For summer, you want to choose refreshing featherweight formulas that are made to layer. When layering products, you want to work from thin to thick – and in the summer, even the thickest product you use should be lightweight and not thick-thick.

Seacret Foundational Line has the perfect products for summer layering. After cleansing with your preferred Foundational Line cleanser, apply Balancing Facial Serum. Next, if you have normal, Soo Boo Ji or oily skin that gets worse in the summer, apply Essential Moisture Face Cream for ultra-lightweight summer-perfect hydration. If you have normal to dry skin, Intensive Moisture Face Cream is your go-to summer essential. At night, you can use Intensive Moisture Night Cream.

Repeat your skincare routine in the morning and the evening, and do your best to not skip it for a whole 24 hours

Exfoliate – because clogged skin doesn’t glow

Heavy products, excess sweat, environmental pollution all clog pores and lead to impurities. Exfoliating regularly will unclog your pores, and ensure that your complexion remains beautiful and strong. The same is true for your body, especially if you go to the beach or to the pool. Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and remove impurities.

Seacret Pure Salt Cleanse & Polish Facial Wash is made up of 62% Dead Sea salt, bringing the miraculous cleansing effect of the Dead Sea straight to your skin. The granule-rich formula cleanses deeply, refines and polishes the skin surface, and leaves a smooth, healthy sensation.

Don’t leave home without SPF

While experts can’t stress the importance of SPF enough, some people continue to assume that people with certain skin tones or types don’t need SPF. Everyone needs SPF. Everyone. The ozone layer is depleted and we all need protection. No exceptions.

If you don’t like using SPF creams or prefer multi-tasking formulas, you can use a lightweight CC cream with SPF. This way, you’ll get to moisturize your skin, protect it against the sun’s harmful rays, and color-correct at the same time. Seacret’s CC Cream is an absolute everyday essential during the summer months. It helps to conceal imperfections and uneven skin tone, and leaves the skin balanced and hydrated, with a smooth natural glow you’ve always craved.

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