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Ready to Meet Your Perfect Cica Mask Match?

Cica isn't a new ingredient in the self-care space – it’s been used for centuries in Chinese medicine as well as in Ayurveda to treat wounds and calm the skin. Some people in the West had previously assumed this leafy green herb was just an old wife’s tale but then came the research and the clinical studies. As Cica was shown to facilitate skin’s healing and regeneration, soon its powers were incorporated into masks, creams, other products.

Cica is actually a nickname for an herb whose scientific name is Centella Asiatica. It’s also known as gotu kola, Indian Pennywort, and tiger grass. The latter comes from a true legend of Asian tigers who have been known to roll around in Cica leaves in order to heal their skin abrasions and infections.

Cica's chemical composition explains why it’s so good for the skin. It’s packed with amino acids, beta-carotene, fatty acids, phytochemicals, and vitamins C, A, B1, and B2 – all of which can help provide powerful beauty benefits such as antioxidant action, antimicrobial boost, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Seacret’s Cica Mask

The Many Skin Care Benefits of Using Seacret’s Cica Mask

The Seacret Cica Calm Cooling Sheet Mask delivers this gift of nature straight into your skin, regardless of your skin type. our Cica mask helps to promote skin cell regeneration, helps to boost circulation and bring blood flow to the skin, and helps to prevent moisture loss and increase hydration – all in addition to the mask’s impressively soothing, balancing, and healing properties.

If you have sensitive skin, our Cica mask is a go-to product for you. Its calming effects can be truly profound and can aid in calming and rebalancing dryness, redness, inflammation, irritation, flare ups, and general discomfort. Incorporating our Cica sheet mask into your beauty routine can easily boost the look, feel, and condition of your skin, and help repair dry, cracked, tired skin.

Our Cica mask is formulated to lower the skin’s temperature for an intensively nourishing, replenishing, and hydrating experience. So comfortable and soothing, this mask is highly likely to be the new go-to product you reach for when you need a little 'me-time'.

Tips to Enhance the Effects of Your Seacret Cica Mask

Apply your Seacret Cica Mask on clean skin – no makeup, no SPF, or even moisturizer. Cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser to remove any residual impurities and to prep your skin to absorb the Cica mask better. It’s generally enough to leave the Cica mask on for 10 to 20 minutes. To maximize the mask’s benefits, massage the remaining essence into your face, neck and décolleté. This extra step will also help increase blood circulation to these areas and provide you with some relaxation.